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attaque à londres

[instrumental music] ♪ ♪ - gavin's doing homework. algebra. boring homework. you earn $15 for mowing blank lawns. how much do you earnmowing one lawn? that's all the informationit gives you? this is hard!
i hate when i don't understandmy sixth grader's homework! hold on.that's--listen. there's--that's--story problems, i think-- here's a hypothesison story problems. to me, a vloggeris a storyteller. you're experiencing what i'm experiencing, and i'll just hold youin my hand. let me just seehow that tastes. and that's what i dofor a living,
and 2.5 million peoplea day watch those videos. thank you for this, by the way.were you making this for me? - no. both: what up, peeps? - hello, everyone. - so here i am in a video! - hello, this is glozell. is you okay?is you good? 'cause i want to know.- hello, my homies!
for today's show and tell,i brought this! - dippy dip.i never dipped a vanilla one. - i would say pretty muchanybod…
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warped tour 2017

look the way that it is a waffle mama crack every now and i'm scott alas my head on the floor stops no thinking damn bishops get old what's up guys thanks come back for another video so i'm here because it's been like a while since i've done another smoke sesh video so we're actually back here in the original smoke sesh room because this is probably going to be like one of the last times i get to actually smoke in this room so why not end things on kind of like a high note yes end this on a high note i'm super excited to get into this and smoke with you guys again and just like hang out because we haven't hung out in a while i know what i've been kind of absent and then i came back with like some educational like informational videos and we haven't really got a chance to like hang out and catch up so um let's do it what are you like smoky and let me know in the comment so i'm going to try i'm going to try to put on some like legitima…

warped tour 2017 utah

greetings dear ones i am kryon of magneticservice. and so once again you hear the voice of mypartner, but it's different and some of you will feel that for he has stepped aside completely. the field that is generated here is immenseand it is one that intertwines, that is tangled with a confluence of yours. i think i told you once. that my partner cannot channel me when i'mwithout other humans. it takes humans in order to channel for thereis an alliance a continuity between us. and that allows you to feel the reality of this. never been human. don't have to be. there is no decription of what this energy is that is channeled except for angelic and that's not right. there's another word, it's home. and that is what you have inside you if you'llallow yourself to understand it and feel it. if you'll allow yourself. so many humans hear this voice, will sitin a room, and you are almost there. you're almost ready to say ok. i want to feel this energy as dif…

warped tour 2017 tickets

our next guests are an amazing rock androll band who have the number one album in the country, performing victorious, pleasewelcome, i love them so much, panic! at the disco. [music] tonight we are victorious. champagne pouring over us. all my friends were glorious. victorious. double bubble disco queenheaded to the guillotine. skin as cool as steve mcqueen,let me be your killer king. it hurts until it stops,we will love until it’s not. i’m a killing spree in white,eyes like broken christmas lights. my touch is black and poisonous, andnothing like my punch-drunk kiss, i know you need it, do you feel it. drink the water, drink the wine. we gotta turn up the crazy. living like a washed-up celebrity. shooting fireworks likeit's the fourth of july. until we feel all right. i’m like a scarf trick, it’s all up the sleeve. i taste like magic,waves that swallow quick and deep. throw the bait, catch the shark,bleed the water red. fifty words for murder andi’m every one of them. m…